Slap Back Appropriate

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The pope shouldn’t have apologized for slapping the hand of an adult woman who grabbed on, pulled, and wouldn’t let go.

Office Depot Scam

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Jesse Jones CBS KIRO 7 report/follow-up on investigation re: lying to customers about malware to sell them PC fixes they totally didn’t need. Super expensive ($100-$200 range common). Huge FTC settlement: $25 million for Office Depot & $10 million for

TAL: Bad Babies

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Cuddling with Delia, Easter morning.

Totally cried. Didn’t listen to Act V (yet).

Always fascinated by “evil”. Totally believe we are born pretty bad, and like the Dr. said on here . . . we get better as we grow and are TAUGHT to be good.

One of the TALs that’s always stuck in my head was also about a mentally ill child.