• RT @TransEthics: Your occasional reminder that 'transgender' isn't a sexuality.

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  • RT @Raquel_Savage: It’s really interesting doing aftercare with niggas who don’t really know that they’re into BDSM play and that there’s e… 10:06:36
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  • RT @ConnerHabib: Friends, this+
    a reminder that FOSTA/SESTA was passed with bipartisan support, and all the candidates who said they suppor… 10:12:46
  • I'm not into calling people "toxic", or in "humanity" being something so different from being animal. We ARE animal… https://t.co/wKuSKwgN5o 11:03:59
  • My pussy tastes like last night and I think I did hear her name. https://t.co/Ige8BU1osP 11:59:43
  • RT @SarcasticWonder: Woman posts 5000 selfies in various states of undress, wearing every variety of parka to baby oil.

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  • Omw to special date night with @DeliaTS. https://t.co/x0XT683WbQ 15:35:19
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