• 11:42 I should not be telling you about the dream I just had about an Asian schoolgirl I humped on (in the dream, ONLY in the dream!). #
  • 12:46 Paid some bills, going to eat some breakfast, made a partial to-do list for today. #
  • 13:42 Oh, SHIT. I have to reschedule my Saturday shows to attend our precinct caucus & be annoyed by people who still think Kucinich is an option. #
  • 15:43 Just joined www.sparkpeople.com – FREE & vastly better (from what I’ve seen) than Weight Watchers (which is cool enough). #
  • 16:24 I need to eat something. Not just anything, but something healthy to make up for egg, fake-sausage & biscuit dinner we’re planning. #
  • 18:35 Does anyone have any recs for the best "tycoon" type PC games? Looking for fun/absorptive quality; cutting edge graphics not necessary. #
  • 21:38 Really unfortunate headache here. I probably brought it on myself, though so I can’t complain as much as I’d like to. #
  • 02:37 I’m not even going to confess what I’ve been wasting my hours on tonight. NOT EVEN TELLING!!! #

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