• 10:33 Last thing someone said in my dream b4 I woke up: "let’s switch to the other hand now and practice your ambidexterity." #
  • 11:05 Jose’s latest: "hello bitch, i see u want fucked by me as your internet husband. but the problem here is bitch ur fucking whit another men." #
  • 13:12 Blog entry with Valentiney not-yet-porn pics involving legwarmers: tinyurl.com/2l4us6 #
  • 14:28 I *so* wish I could post a blog entry before we leave about the google alert I just got re: the intersection of BloodyTrixie.com & Britney. #
  • 14:47 Just wrote back to chick at Penthouse Forum UK; I’m sure I have *someone* to thank for that. Hope sight of my site doesn’t disappoint. #
  • 14:48 Members-only update posted. We are late leaving so I’m going to go. Be back home tomorrow/about thirty hours from now! #

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