• 09:30 Mmmm . . . I hope this sunshine lasts today. #
  • 12:00 Procrastinating on grocery shopping & visit to Veterans for Peace demo. Not sure if I can handle it. We’ll see . . . #
  • 14:14 I think it’s time for lunch. #
  • 18:49 Spent some time outside playing with the dog and brushing her. I am just trying to survive PMS. Then I will just try to survive cramps. #
  • 20:52 Just got back from a much-needed long walk; yay for fresh air. Now retrieving over 10k emails from an account I set up wrong 2 yr ago. #
  • 21:10 Need to take a bath; my asshole, armpits, and underboobs are damp with sweat and . . . other. #
  • 22:09 It’s dinnertime for us. Delia is making one of her bizarre taco salad cabbage bean jalapeno bowls. I’m sticking with beans & chips & avocado #

These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter