• 10:36 Getting ready to go home soon; should be there in five hours or so and have all our cams back up. #
  • 13:34 Beautiful day for a drive; just got home, opened up all the windows, and am about to log cams back in, check mail, etc. #
  • 15:04 Wrote to my sister with blogger directions; can’t wait for her to start. Now considering a nap. Head feels thick ‘n foggy. #
  • 16:39 Making some soup. Posted a mutual masturbation vid to our clip store. Feeling pukey from wine & dairy consumption last night. Sleepy. #
  • 20:37 Fucking around with different design ideas for fun/relaxation/creative outlet. #
  • 22:07 Started building hub site. Delia’s sleepy so I’m going to bed with her. #

These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter