• 08:57 Lots to do (as usual) Monday morning, plus bleeding and dropping off our ballots. But first? Breakfast and a book! #
  • 11:01 Guhhhhhhhhh . . . . I’m crampy. #
  • 11:34 How do I go from ZERO cramps last month to really mean cramps this time? #
  • 14:08 After rolling around on the floor in agony & taking a bunch of pills, I finally conked out for an hour & woke up to BLISS. Feel great! #
  • 18:02 Taking a bath & getting ready to go to a meeting about the fucking border patrol motherfuckers. Not sure I’ll be able to restrain myself. #
  • 21:42 Just back from meeting & fired up: do you realize 2/3 of the US population lives within the constitution-free zone 100 miles from border? #
  • 21:44 And I (and five generations of my family) have been living in it our whole lives, subject to violations of our 4th & 5th amendment rights. #
  • 22:00 And you know you live in the RIGHT small town when an auditorium full of regular folk (some wearing 2nd amendment t’s) applauds the ACLU. #

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