• 12:46 Starting the week out right; focused, keeping track of hours I work, exercising, etc. Right now building promos for deliacd.com #
  • 12:50 @letslets If you feel the need to disagree with me about the cuteness of my belly rolls, I feel the need to block your ass. #
  • 12:56 Is the ugliness of allowing idiots to communicate with me & make stupid comments re: me & my body worth the positive stuff? I often wonder. #
  • 12:58 It’s almost worse when the fuckers think they’re being helpful, smart or totally innocuous. Almost better to be a straight-up peckerhead. #
  • 19:35 Reading @amberlily’s recent tweets about flirting/kissing her husband made me happy. So did my after-tuna-dinner (made by @DeliaCD) nap. #
  • 20:25 RT @amberlily Go Green with Zoya’s Nail Polish Exchange: is.gd/yJJp – Send old polish, get new polish. Seems neat. #
  • 20:37 I think it’s time to call my wanker/boyfriend and wake him up to see if he’d like to do something pure and holy like play chess. #
  • 22:22 There’s nothing more satisfying than squeezing a plump blackhead out of your chin complete with a little whisker sticking out of the plug. #

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