• 10:30:35: tastytrixie: Since 7, 8 and 9 hours haven’t been enough sleep for me lately today we’ll see if ten hours did the trick.
  • 13:42:38: tastytrixie: It’s been too long since I posted new porn galleries on http://trixie.com/ so I just did! My fave = young japanese couple in schoolroom.
  • 15:47:06: tastytrixie: Dying for a pro or even just pro-am camcorder. Getting ready to shoot a masturbation video so I can feel more irritated by substandard eqpt.
  • 18:43:51: tastytrixie: Oh my . . . I feel 500% better/happier after shooting a couple of videos: one masturbating, the other making use of @DeliaTS’ boner.
  • 22:23:07: tastytrixie: Am I missing out on anything special to have never plucked my eyebrows into oblivion & then drawn them in? I’m curious what I’d look like.
  • 22:24:10: tastytrixie: I totally choked up when Ade did that back flip tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. So massively beautiful.

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