• 12:29:19: tastytrixie: Dreamt about weird little pink rattlesnake in dual versus a rabbit-type vibrator left on on the sidewalk.
  • 15:24:41: tastytrixie: It’s time to be doing some video editing. It’s a long one so I’m not sure I’ll get it uploaded tonight since we also have shows.
  • 19:50:26: tastytrixie: Phew! Finally got all those video files encoded in just enough time to use my main machine for my camshow at the top of the hour.
  • 22:50:26: tastytrixie: I know I haven’t tweeted much today, but you can rest assured that we are at home on a Friday night AS USUAL. Watching Entourage, babies!
  • 23:29:40: tastytrixie: Just had a lovely fuck with @DeliaTS – all the talk of handjobs on Entourage got to her, I think. Tiny tear in my pussy is bleeding again.
  • 23:35:09: tastytrixie: Video showing how I gave myself that little tear with a toy is still uploading. Might post Sunday since @DeliaTS posts hers on Saturday.

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