• 10:46:59: tastytrixie: Wacky dreams of flooding rivers to “fly”/jump across & a horny Clint Eastwood doing a bunch of Ron Jeremy-like public appearances.
  • 10:53:08: tastytrixie: @minasmusings Yours definitely topped mine in hotness then; even though I love Clint he was acting pathetic AND ignoring me.
  • 12:18:42: tastytrixie: Uh-oh. I feel a big poop coming but the plunger is still turned inside out from the last vigorous usage. This could get messy . . .
  • 12:26:29: tastytrixie: We were going to go see Public Enemies tonight but I’m on a roll in web design mode so think I’ll stay home & take advantage of work-brain.
  • 14:30:32: tastytrixie: Yay! Just posted obnoxious vlog & 18 minutes of “Introducing My Pussy to the Ultimate Beaver” videos for our members. Now? HUNGRY.
  • 17:40:06: tastytrixie: http://twitpic.com/a6inx – Today after I recorded my members-only vlog wearing my favorite old too-small Felina demi bra.
  • 20:54:43: tastytrixie: Navigation bar, layout & homepage for the free area of @DeliaTS’ new site are done now. Not showing off yet, but I’m happy. Long way to go.
  • 23:01:51: tastytrixie: Join page done (except you can’t really join it yet). Yes, I’m just making a boring twitter checklist. To make myself feel good.
  • 23:13:58: tastytrixie: Grrrrr . . . just checked @AmberLily’s stats & we have an “affiliate” who’s “promoting” other sites using her content in a way that’s WRONG.

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