• 00:48:57: tastytrixie: Just got home. There was a package on our doorstop. It’s either sex toys or bullet bras . . . either way, good stuff.
  • 12:29:16: tastytrixie: After all the potato salad and McDonalds and stuff we ate yesterday, I’m thinking exercising is at the top of my to-do list right now.
  • 12:33:27: tastytrixie: Now trying to decide if I should exercise here at home inside on cam or if I should get OUTside . . .
  • 17:11:16: tastytrixie: Wore miniskirt to grocery store. Fetchingly dirty blue collar guys in produce section looked curiously at me as I picked out a cucumber.
  • 17:52:43: tastytrixie: OMG. I was feeling so cute, happy & productive until 5 minutes ago when out of the blue a headache started rising up & over my brain. WHY?!?
  • 18:31:39: tastytrixie: Post about the family get-together, friends (@AmberLily & BigD)& the smell of home: http://bit.ly/Z7AeR
  • 20:12:55: tastytrixie: Just had a lovely after-dinner fuck with @DeliaTS. Brought my glow in to check email & found a very suspicious email from button-pusher.
  • 21:53:30: tastytrixie: Fart & sneeze fetishists have got to be loving our spycams right now; I’ve got allergies and gas. Blowing out the candle from both ends.
  • 23:12:34: tastytrixie: Mmmmm . . . having some more of the beautiful gazpacho @DeliaTS made for dinner tonight. Summer = chilled, fresh, delicious soups.

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