• 11:58:37: tastytrixie: Doing mega costume shopping, tons of carefully selected sale stuff in basket . . . and my shopping cart is suddenly unviewable.
  • 18:55:20: tastytrixie: Oooh . . . just got back from the grocery store where I experienced another sighting of the woodchopper guy.
  • 18:56:43: tastytrixie: PS – I take back what I said before. The real question should be: is it too much to ask for EDWARD to at least give BELLA a handjob?
  • 22:29:29: tastytrixie: Thursdays are my new bill-paying/checkbook balancing day. So I just finished that & took care of some other work schtuff.
  • 22:30:29: tastytrixie: Most exciting things on agenda tomorrow: getting my hair blondified and doing a webcam show at 8 pm pacific.
  • 22:52:13: tastytrixie: @scottfotki Actually, started camming in the year 2000 — still, I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of me before. 😉
  • 23:49:56: tastytrixie: Freaky! I was lost in looking at @AmberLily’s private cam pics when I heard a strange noise in the house. @DeliaTS is at the store so WHO?

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