• 00:55:26: Oooh! @AmberLily just sent me a newsy email AND a hot dolly pic of her that put a huge, lewd, happy grin on my face!
  • 12:08:36: Boo! Power went out for about five seconds, which is just long enough to take down our machines & router and ALL OF OUR CAMS with them.
  • 12:12:33: @joepennant We do have backup power on a 2 machines, the modem & the router, but the shit still is fucked up because of some other stuff.
  • 13:33:50: Going back & forth between building promos for http://deliats.com and taking care of bills & checkbook balancing.
  • 16:41:14: Just got back from running errands in a refreshing light drizzle. @DeliaTS has a green chile chicken soup scenting the house. Very nice!
  • 21:50:54: Just spent a tormentingly pleasurable couple of hours selecting my fave promo pics for 5 @DeliaTS galleries. Yes, I’m agonizingly slow.

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