• 10:42:00: Brrrr . . . going to have to start turning on the baseboard heaters soon, but DAMN the sunshine was bright this morning!
  • 11:00:16: Just got FB friends request from girl I once saw make a giant poop in the yard of an abandoned house when we were kids. She’s beautiful.
  • 11:17:18: Seriously, this girl has a look about her that arouses intense crushy feelings. If I were to develop a muse, she would be it.
  • 12:21:44: Currently doing work that I should be paying someone else to do. Really. Fucking. Boring/Repetitive. But so necessary.
  • 13:22:03: Porn Webmasters: is it OK if I put google analytics code on our free hosted galleries? Or is that a big no-no because of javascript?
  • 17:25:34: I have some really nice friends. Thank you, internet porn, for introducing them to me!
  • 21:22:14: Getting ready to shoot @DeliaTS looking all sparkly and autumnal. Minor fiasco with me not believing the battery charger was the RIGHT one.
  • 22:54:29: I like it when @DeliaTS sleeps late! Means we’re just starting to shoot now, which is rad for a night owl like myself!

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