• 01:40:35: Didn’t wind up going to sleep early; have been up enjoying watching first three episodes of a British tv thing, “Peep Show”. Laughing.
  • 12:06:59: Just woke up from disturbing dreams. Also my body feels uncomfortably weird to me when I move it around because it’s lost some girth.
  • 12:20:58: My 3 year old nephew wants to dress us as the Powerpuff girl, Bubbles, for Halloween. ROCK ON!!
  • 14:37:00: @Mia If you use Amazon’s MP3 downloader you don’t have to enter your info every time; I love it; it’s very 1-click & better than itunes.
  • 14:38:19: Been working on very boring administrative domain name stuff the past half hour. Necessary, time-consuming, and lame.
  • 19:46:05: So sad to disappoint people, but despite rumours, I’ve never made a gazillion dollars as a camgirl. Details here: http://is.gd/4eLoj
  • 22:06:49: Past few hours: been working on a replacement for our current outdated system of listing new updates/archiving contents/making searchable.

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