• 13:47:48: Been working on a project but need to get outside with @DeliaTS and our dog for a walk.
  • 16:38:12: I love the smell of wet forest and decay and sap and moss and deadfall and fir needles and cedar boughs.
  • 17:04:20: Oh my! The Enumclaw horse fucker strikes again: http://bit.ly/IAJBQ
  • 17:15:20: Fuck. I haven’t seen my grandma in over a year. Maybe 2 years. And now she’s having trouble recognizing people. This sucks. I’m late.
  • 17:51:45: Getting excited about the possibility of doing something local that I have no time to do. Must FIND/make time, though!
  • 17:58:05: RT @ramblingwebgirl: Overheard in the ladies room: “I’ve been so sick because the karma from my ancestors infected me at a cellular level”
  • 20:40:34: Gross. I so want to fucking flame the right-wingers who just placed a polling call here pronouncing the word “homosexual” like a poison.
  • 22:48:31: I’ve made three huge poops today; it’s really killing my asshole. I need a little asshole slave to apply cool compresses & soothing salves.

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