• 10:23:06: Happy Halloween! We have shows & members-only chat coming up this afternoon.
  • 12:31:04: About to jump into the tub then put on something orange for Halloween. Not doing anything costumey for today’s show at top of the hour.
  • 14:03:22: Yum! Had two very good orgasms during my show. Plus, all it takes are a couple of good tippers to make everything GLOW. Makes a huge diff.
  • 17:53:18: Halloween pics of @DeliaTS & what I wish I could give her for her birthday today: http://is.gd/4JDwp
  • 18:49:23: @Toni_KatVixen http://twitpic.com/ns5x0 – This picture makes me so happy – you’re both beautiful! Happy Halloween to you & Torn with big hug
  • 21:50:09: Phew! Our last 2 sets of Halloween pics for 2009 are up! Check http://trixieandfriends.com for free previews & members-only links.
  • 22:17:47: Funny — @DeliaTS is playing with the dog and it is CRAZY time in here! The chase is on . . . instant hilarity.
  • 23:25:15: I don’t *need* a midnight snack . . . I just *want* one. In the form of chips, salsa & a hot/nasty “calorie free cola with cherry flavor”.

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