• 01:04:18: Going to take a midnight shower & sleep clean. Still have cum in my pubes from last night.
  • 10:19:36: So far we have all the ingredients for me to be an anxiety-riddled asshole today. 6 hours or more in the car plus family & cats = not good.
  • 10:20:54: What I meant to say is on not-enough-sleep. And I’d love being around cats if I weren’t totally allergic to them.
  • 11:37:26: I’m sorry fuckers, but Belle and Sebastian still fail to do ANYTHING for me. It’s like dancing on prozac with five flaccid noodles.
  • 12:01:35: Mornings would be so much nicer if our dog could quietly read the paper instead of amusing herself ooghing to be let in & out over & over.
  • 12:04:02: RE: @evilchris: the something I’m doing today I’ll remember forever: introducing my vicodin-loaded 80+ grandma to my transsexual girlfriend.
  • 23:13:22: Just got home . . . really excited to be here, off the road, out of the car, and getting ready to warm up in bed.

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