• 00:43:29: Yay! Members-only update posted (I’ll do the vlog tomorrow when I’m looking more presentable).
  • 01:58:08: My farts are hot fucking magic tonight after two bowls of chili!
  • 12:03:47: Feels so good to wake up, stumble into the living room, and have warm sunshine hit you right in the chest.
  • 12:34:52: Need to log into my “civilian” Facebook account to see what all the locals/friends/family (includes some cops) are saying about cop killer.
  • 14:05:42: Awesome! I’ve pooped twice within 2 hours of waking up. Was it the ab exercises last night or the bath in epsom salts?
  • 14:28:45: Going to work up a sweat exercising before taking a shower.
  • 15:06:17: Holy fuck — so sweaty. I don’t know how @DeliaTS does that Fat Burning Fusion DVD all the way. SLAYS me!
  • 16:17:58: Unlike most ads, I am vulnerable to clicking on Facebook ads. Found this today: http://www.clouds365.com/
  • 20:34:25: Just got back from watching New Moon. SPARE ME THE JEERING. It’s beautiful boys on the big screen topless w/ horny screaming chicks.

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