• 11:24 Brrrr . . . it’s cold in WebWhoreHQ! So many things to do . . . trying to decide what to tackle first . . . #
  • 11:55 Prepping for 2010 and pictures of our cacti: www.tastytrixie.com/goals/2010-prep/ #
  • 13:26 Love getting phone calls for my ex-husband when we haven’t lived together since, like, 1999. #
  • 16:10 About to put lotion all over my body, getting ready to go to a potluck tonight. Trying to decide what to wear. #
  • 16:58 It is too damned dark out for not even being 5 pm. Wish I were lounging poolside somewhere hot soaking up sunshine & eating chi lled fruit. #
  • 22:26 On the way home we went down to the beach, parked, and stared at a big, huge, low-hanging, waning, orange moon. AND KISSED! #

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