• 11:57:08: Curious: @mistressmatisse Would you want to help her establish trust if she’d posted YOUR pics without credit? Of your friends?
  • 13:34:12: Damn. I tried to go get some serenity but the door was locked.
  • 16:54:25: @DelightAndDole Don’t be an ass: you can comment all you want, I just don’t want to post broken-record, not-listening comments on my blog.
  • 16:56:20: @DelightAndDole I also haven’t approved MEAN comments. You can write all you want on your own blog; I do not have to publish it FOR you.
  • 17:01:00: @DelightAndDole I’ve posted all of your comments thus far & wasted time responding to you. Your idol doesn’t publish all comments, either.
  • 19:11:34: Getting ready to do some exercise on cam. Let’s see how long I’ll last . . .
  • 22:53:33: @DeepIntrospect If she wanted to be private & careful, she wouldn’t write bullshit & USE PICS from another site, verifying the lies herself.

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