• 09:27 I’m awake! Still have a touch of headache and pukey tummy though. #
  • 13:40 Sad about cutting up an apple for lunch that isn’t ripe. I totally don’t want more of a bellyache. Seeking alternative to apple . . . #
  • 20:40 A pathetic, we’re-broke, kind of blog post from me (but with cool pics!): www.tastytrixie.com/money/christmas-is-over-pics/ #
  • 20:45 I will try to post something more fun and jerkworthy soon to displace that rodents-are-eating-my-brain post. #
  • 23:23 My first Half Nekkid Thursday post: www.tastytrixie.com/body-parts/hnt-may-day-flowers-pic/ #

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