• 00:25:32: @Torn_Rose But if you guys were here you could BOTH comfortably fingerbang me in bed while I eat chocolate chip cookie dough!
  • 12:30:34: I have got to stop with the sugar and carbs starting (again) today.
  • 18:04:23: Dearn Morningstar Farms: your six tiny-ass soysage patties in that giant box continue to feel like a ripoff. But they ARE delicious.
  • 19:56:18: My brain hurts after trying to participate in a conference call; I seriously don’t have the mental skills to process all those voices.
  • 20:07:56: Sadly, yes:RT @mcangeli: If twitter had been around when #firefly was on tv, do you think #firefly would still have been canceled?
  • 20:59:58: The view from our backyard a few hours ago: http://tastytrixie.com/money/gloomy-pics Going to log in the Anywhere Cam to stretch.
  • 22:27:31: I feel somebody’s period starting! Wow, that sounds creepy in third person . . .

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