• 00:57:03: Got a bunch of laundry done and some promo stuff for @DeliaTS site. Hoping this cold is better, not worse, by tomorrow morning.
  • 01:02:44: It’s bedtime and I am so so SO glad we kicked DirecTV to the curb. No more of that compulsive DVRing. Netflix only once again.
  • 01:04:49: @aboveaverage12 it’s just tv & dvr in general; we were just watching too much of it, too tuned out of life.
  • 12:10:36: Having a cold for the first time in years is making me experience weird flashbacky memory feelings . . . it’s pleasant. Like Christmas.
  • 16:41:14: You know that whole “feed a cold, starve a fever” thing? Well I’m here with a cold JUST WAITING TO BE FED. Heartily! Feeeeeeeeeed me!
  • 19:47:10: I don’t think very clearly with my ears plugged up. Going to take advantage of my cold & stay in bed with a book & delta waves.
  • 23:21:56: A mundane blog entry from me about the good parts of having a cold, etc.: http://tastytrixie.com/altered-states/a-little-bit-of-blue-sky/
  • 23:36:00: Brewing up some Breathe Easy tea to sip with more Star Trek: DS9 (total coincidence @Clintus but I *do* like tea & tweet about it sometimes)

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