• 02:44:21: Gah! Aagh! Noe! How did I manage to misplace a 700+ page book that I just want to read a few licks of before shutting my eyes for the night?
  • 14:32:26: Ummm . . . I think my massage therapist and I talked about cock, pussy, and fucking for the entire hour. Is that wrong?
  • 14:34:38: Now? I am both hungry and horny.
  • 15:17:06: Sewing machine SO worth the $$$; @DeliaTS is altering old shapeless boy shirts into sexy girl shirts (or slutty dresses if I wear them).
  • 17:55:42: RT @Maya_Mayhem: RT @firecatkitty: Sex workers are people. Please help us shut this page down by reporting it to #FB http://tinyurl.com/
  • 20:04:30: I think it would be better for everyone involved if I didn’t know ANY of the lyrics to “If Ever I Would Leave You”.
  • 22:36:24: Ugh. Our shower stall is so gross. Of course, it might not smell so swampy if I’d stop pissing in there.

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