• 10:06:59: It’s true; my mom can’t stop admiring my girlfriend’s butt:RT @DeliaTS: @tastytrixie’s mom just told me I have a great ass.
  • 10:22:27: Have I got a treat for my mom! Last night it was dancing Gabrielle Roth’s Endless Wave. Today? Reading @fireland’s tweets aloud!
  • 10:23:44: Note: I am not making this up: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8cYYzcTzm6Y Mommy loved it! But we did it in color, redneck stylee.
  • 10:33:24: @wbahner What other kind of episiotomy is there?
  • 16:16:51: So do I:RT @DeliaTS: I love it when @tastytrixie and her mom get together and start plotting & scheming.

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