• 10:50:38: I have had a great visit with my mom. I also think it would be great for it to be over already. You know how it goes. My brainz are tired.
  • 11:31:20: I totally have to poop but my mom is brushing her teeth now in the bathroom where I prefer to do all of my shitting.
  • 11:39:52: Ahhhhh . . . that was enormous and nutty.
  • 14:36:56: My mom’s gone now, but in her place I have a whammy of a headache.
  • 14:53:27: A Valentine’s Day blog post from me, wishing you self love: http://www.tastytrixie.com/links/happy-valentines-day-3/
  • 16:12:56: Three does just ambled through our yard not 12 feet from where I sat watching on the couch. Reminds me of the dream I had last night.
  • 16:18:28: God, I am crazy just like my mom; I hear sirens & see them going where my littles loved ones are & worry that they’re hurt. HATE that fear.
  • 17:00:41: I just heard @DeliaTS building up to a big orgasm while I was taking today’s 2nd poop (the bathroom is right next to her webwhoring room).
  • 20:15:11: Resetting my computer & getting ready to bathe, shave, etc. for my webcam show in 45 minutes. Can’t wait for an orgasm!

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