• 14:35:01: Did a little yoga, an arms & abs bellydance workout & more stretching. Still feel like I need more exercise to make up for none yesterday.
  • 15:55:15: LOL @ericofthedead – yes! Thanks for saying it! We are planning upcoming shoots today, actually so we’ll schedule some together time on vid.
  • 16:09:56: It’s possible we might “do it” in a few. I kind of just want to lie there, though, and TAKE IT. Internal massage, you know?
  • 16:36:55: It’s okay, @pg240 – we postponed fucking for sometime later; we have to do some shoot planning, shopping lists, etc. first.
  • 23:21:30: Instead of fucking, we’re paying bills and doing the dishes. Sometimes there is just too much mundane fucking bullshit to get it up.
  • 23:27:38: Actually, we’re done with those tasks now and it’s not too late for me, anyway, to have my pole folder filled.
  • 23:30:16: Going to bring in the magic wand for a vibrator assist. I like the dual stimulation, & as I mentioned before, I just want to lay there.

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