• 00:33:14: We’ve been dork dancing like FIENDS! If you haven’t been spying on us, you’ve been missing out on dorky DELIGHTS! We’re tired now though.
  • 00:48:57: I wish people understood that not everybody who commits suicide does so because they *aren’t* aware people care about them. So not true.
  • 10:55:06: Dreamt I was in China & falling in love with our immigration officer as he used a fishing pole to throw us flowers off a balcony.
  • 16:16:02: Uh-oh . . . chatroulette is addictive!
  • 18:06:49: Yeah, I did just take screen caps of a 21 year old german boy trying to suck his own cock for me on chatroulette. “A” for effort!
  • 18:59:04: I know it’s wrong, but I need to go buy some brownies.
  • 23:50:03: The younger set on #chatroulette is really digging my milftastic animal print robe. I am like an old momma to all of them.

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