• 09:55 Dreamt I was in China & falling in love with our immigration officer as he used a fishing pole to throw us flowers off a balcony. #
  • 15:16 Uh-oh . . . chatroulette is addictive! #
  • 17:06 Yeah, I did just take screen caps of a 21 year old german boy trying to suck his own cock for me on chatroulette. "A" for effort! #
  • 17:59 I know it’s wrong, but I need to go buy some brownies. #
  • 22:50 The younger set on #chatroulette is really digging my milftastic animal print robe. I am like an old momma to all of them. #
  • 02:36 C an’t sleep because our dog can’t sleep because she has (or I hope HAD) really bad diarrhea. #
  • 02:42 @buckybuckeye She’s a husky. #
  • 03:38 I really like this piece about #chatroulette after experiencing it for the 1st time today: nymag.com/news/media/63663/ #

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