• 02:19:03: Three hours of steady blogging later I’m still not done with an epic post about spycams, the webcam business, & making biz decisions etc.
  • 12:03:57: Looks like we’ll need to watch The Lost Boys tonight.
  • 13:17:30: Going to get some exercise on our roving cam. Members go here if you want to watch me bouncing around: http://tinyurl.com/spyonus
  • 15:59:05: Why does it arouse me to hear a hot younger man ask if he can get a pork burrito?
  • 17:26:14: My appetite for food and sleep are ginormous lately. Hope my period starts soon. For now I’m going to read til I fall asleep or wake up.
  • 18:05:41: My library books are overdue. That should be a good enough reason to stop everything else and do nothing but devour their words in a hurry.
  • 20:57:18: Getting some newer pics ready for Seattle Foot Night (April 1st) site: http://footnight.com/seattle.html Come kiss my little feet!!
  • 22:57:20: A long-ass post from me about our spycam situation: http://www.tastytrixie.com/announcements/the-end-of-a-webcam-era/

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