• 00:27:15: Am I the only person who gets a buzz from Kombucha?
  • 12:39:02: Plan for today: paint toenails and do photoshoot. Working on a special project while special foot creme resembling runny Santorum absorbs.
  • 15:37:55: Poor @DeliaTS is getting the brunt of my PMS. My period better start soon or I’m going to start throwing things & smashing shit.
  • 18:36:25: I’m way overdue to get some exercise. And there’s no way we’re going to have time to shoot tonight.
  • 20:14:51: Basking in post-exercise warmth and trying out this time management software: http://dextronet.com/my-timeboxing.php
  • 22:11:53: I just remembered that it’s not just my pot belly that gets in the way of bending over to paint my toenails, it’s my fucking TITS too.

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