• 02:41:28: Woke up after two hours of sleep with digestive problems (translation: I feel like I’m going to shit the bed). Not enough lactaid, I guess.
  • 12:19:47: Last night’s diarrhea & sleeplessness is but a faint memory as I efficiently work on building promotional galleries. GO ME!!
  • 14:14:51: I do believe I’m overdue for some cardio and stretching. Members you can watch me getting sweaty here: http://tinyurl.com/spyonus
  • 16:00:50: @StripperTweets I would like an erotic massage, but not with orgasm as a goal/the conclusion. From a woman, for sure.
  • 16:49:40: @strippertweets I would pay twice as much as a non-erotic massage provided she actually did a good job at all aspects.
  • 17:01:49: Downloading pics we took this week, washing bedding, feeling warm and heavy.
  • 17:34:28: About to fall asleep trying to update our clip store & schedule some advance postings. SO BEHIND: http://clips4sale.com/studio/8131
  • 19:48:03: I love the saturated colors in @DeliaTS latest gallery. Free preview of Ms. Peacock & her She-Cock here: http://is.gd/buRJ3
  • 20:16:00: Phew! I’m so glad I’m done with that torture-task. Not doing it, though, is like throwing away money so I *had* to force myself.

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