• 11:10 Planning to shoot a few sets and videos of @DeliaTS today. Ugh, the phone just rang which makes me want to lose control of my bowels. #
  • 12:37 Checking out @DeliaTS May newsletter with her most recent porn updates: www.deliats.com/Newsletter/May10/index.html #
  • 13:48 I love crows so much. They’re so beautiful and entertaining. I just made one flinch – I love physical comedy! #
  • 14:12 I feel really good, proud & content about the hours I’ve already (& will have by tomorrow night) invested in work. #
  • 14:15 Going to have a snack, read a l ittle more _Shanhai Girls_ , then call my wanker. I can’t wait to ask him what he’s wearing! #
  • 20:50 Getting a late start on shooting, but that’s okay. Don’t want natural light interfering with our hot lights. #
  • 22:01 My pussy is convinced that shooting pics and video of @DeliaTS is foreplay. WetwetwetWET. #
  • 23:15 Ummm . . . I’m not boycotting BP. Do you want me to boycott every Republican & Libertarian who made this possible??? WE are responsible. #
  • 23:16 I mean, I support those who will boycott BP, I just feel we’re all deeply responsible for this to one degree or another. #

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