• 00:21:52: Glad to be home! Looking forward to some Star Trek & cuddles with @DeliaTS.
  • 14:42:37: RT @BitchMedia: TelevIsm: Police Women of Memphis depicts trans women with respect http://bit.ly/9PbhYr
  • 15:28:50: 4 of 5 stars to The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead http://bit.ly/9leIgy
  • 16:06:33: Why would anybody want to take a trip to Florida in August?
  • 17:29:27: Listening to Mel Gibson’s “racist rants”. Because a phrase like “violent misogynist dehumanizes & threatens to kill wife” is too complex.
  • 17:59:51: @LadyErisiana VERY good point. I’ve never been to FL so I’ve never felt its heat or experienced its more amazing qualities.
  • 18:00:53: If the word “nigger” only applied to black WOMEN, I’ll bet it would be treated just as casually as bitch, whore and cunt are.
  • 22:32:14: I love walking at dusk with the bats weaving and flop-fluttering between @DeliaTS and I.

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