• 12:53:08: Link for members (and free preview/description/.gif for others) of the kinky role play video we just posted: http://is.gd/dzMB9
  • 13:20:02: Wow . . . I have a major caffeine buzz from my decaf English Breakfast.
  • 17:38:06: 4 of 5 stars to The Sealed Letter by Emma Donoghue http://bit.ly/d5noCJ
  • 18:05:36: FUCK rich scientologists & their vendettas against critics: via @candice http://bit.ly/9gwkT6 #stupidscientology Good luck @JohnLDixon!
  • 18:10:30: I can’t help wanting to send hate mail to these assholes trying to steal from their daughter-in-law: via @aagblog: http://bit.ly/cqqx1X
  • 23:00:31: I’m disgusted by how little I accomplished today, but am blaming it on a lack of good fortune making me waste time being a frugal shopper.

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