• 11:17:53: Had to reset our main spycam machine & it’s taking me awhile to get everything back up and connected. Hang on, voyeurs!
  • 11:41:56: OMG; going through webcam troubleshooting hell. Feel like crying in frustration but I’m out of kleenex in here so forget it.
  • 13:45:58: Our friends @krismadison and BeerCanMan are coming over for a visit so we’re trying to tidy up & clean our hovel. We need a housekeeper.
  • 17:16:00: Really depressed over something I saw & heard. Never sure when to call child protective services or not. People need help. I’m sad.
  • 18:35:53: Part of why I hate shopping = half the time you’re forced to witness abuse and neglect of all kinds except ones with clearcut solutions.

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