• 08:03:01: Haven’t gotten enough sleep but dreaming of driving over body parts, being in shootouts, etc. all night just ISN’T restful.
  • 08:37:07: One good thing about rising too soon is that I managed to post up a new set of pics and vlog for members EARLY instead of at night!
  • 08:54:28: RT @tikitender: An interesting take on the WTC mosque:a Christian was behind the OKC bombings. Was it wrong to build a church near the site?
  • 15:07:13: Sad sad SADnews: RT @swopusa: $pread Magazine will survive until the end of the year, and then R.I.P.: http://bit.ly/cn2bxm
  • 18:50:29: I swore I’d never go to the filthy cheap nail salon in town again but I did. And I regret it terribly. SO GROSS.
  • 19:11:43: My girlfriend is super hot (her voice doesn’t really sound like that though): http://deliats.cammodels.com/
  • 20:39:56: I totally want @DeliaTS to quit camming so we can eat dinner and finish watching that Star Trek episode guest starring George Castanza.
  • 23:39:46: The 80’s were fucking awesome & fetish-filled; just watched this Hitchhiker ep: http://is.gd/eAeuK you can totally see Showgirls ROOTS!

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