• 09:04:10: I couldn’t fall asleep last night so I woke up @DeliaTS for sex. Fortunately she was amenable to my wordless proposition.
  • 11:01:00: Other than the diarrhea and sleep deprivation, I feel GREAT this morning! Soft urgent poops could interfere w/outdoor shooting plans though.
  • 13:05:56: Reading about a semi-distant relative who apparently killed somebody and assaulted someone at his trial. Violent loose cannon in my blood.
  • 16:45:15: Just got back from shooting outside; I think I have a sunburn! No worries, @SammyTyler – my bowels totally behaved (solo, not hardcore)!
  • 23:29:40: We just stretched for half an hour — my body really needed that.

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