• 08:37:31: Yay!!! Cabin is ours starting September 2nd. Woke up at 7 am today to get in the groove of going to cabin-work in the morning.
  • 08:39:10: Also: I totally overreacted yesterday/took mere curiosity as judgment. But thanks for the hugs @LadyErisiana {{{hugs back}}}
  • 08:49:22: Listening to & loving “an Ambient Rodeo from the Mythic West” on HEARTS OF SPACE, PGM. 0496 SLIM WESTERNS http://t.co/bzO6AEm
  • 10:07:28: Best part of my Half Naked Thursday post is the closeup of my muff and long fingernails: http://tastytrixie.com/photos/hairy-lady-hnt-pics
  • 10:35:45: So my body and brain are now telling me that 6.5 hours of sleep wasn’t quite enough. Might have to crawl back into bed for a nap.
  • 20:46:26: Doing some @DeliaTS shoots, wishing we had a golden LA Glo brand dress from the eighties to fit her.
  • 21:07:11: Sometimes I can’t believe I have a job that requires me to iron clothes. This is not my beautiful house! Or is it?

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