• 14:16:48: Washing up my sex toys. Hoping to log in for private shows at http://trixie.cammodels.com BEFORE my group show & members-only chat.
  • 15:59:57: @Baileyjay88 Did you know that St. John’s Wort decreases the effectiveness of hormone therapy? I stopped taking it bc of that.
  • 20:56:55: We checked out 1st disc of Sons of Anarchy and 1st disc of Lexx (thanks for the rec, Cliff!). Hitting bed with snacks & these dvd’s.
  • 21:15:41: My GF @DeliaTS looks like she’s ready for a sexy slumber party. I look like a nerd standing outside party house peeping thru hole in wall.
  • 22:39:17: Sons of Anarchy stunk like poo-vomit, but Lexx is RAD!!!

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