• 08:50:33: Oh man, this chick’s a gas to watch sweetly, sharply calling a pest a free-loading fuck: http://trixie.cammodels.com/cam/lonestarangel/
  • 09:26:28: Brilliant. I just wasted twenty minutes filling in a promo profile that didn’t save. Going to the cabin. Where there IS no blasted internet!
  • 15:04:54: Porn is cool, but heads up: it’s possible to masturbate without it. Why do so many people ALWAYSthink “porn” when they hear “masturbate”?
  • 18:21:00: About to take care of the bills while @DeliaTS logs back in for more camshows: http://deliats.cammodels.com
  • 20:51:24: I feel so so so SO grateful that @DeliaTS and I are on the same page in all the important ways regarding “spirituality”.
  • 22:34:56: LOL @DeliaTS – I *love* your text on that . . .
  • 23:13:59: Ending the day on the positive note of freshly-changed sheets & pillowcases. Wish I was ending it by getting that stubborn clod of poop out.

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