• 08:02:03: @reptilegrrl Totally – if abstaining from overeating & bad foods doesn’t help before dr. appt in a few weeks I will if I can rassle up $$.
  • 08:04:43: About to spend some quality Sunday morning time on the crapper with a book.
  • 08:13:12: Jesus. 2 tiny turdlets is all I get for my efforts? I’m sure I have a 10 lb backlog of hardened poo in my guts. AND A STONE BABY!
  • 15:32:32: Testing different compression codecs to try to record camshows again to post up for members who miss them.
  • 16:04:03: It sounds like my grandma (last of my living grandparents) is on her last legs & my mom is having a hard time. I haven’t seen her in awhile.
  • 19:31:32: Editing video. I know, it looks like I’m just sitting here watching YouTube or something, but I swear to god it’s 10 times more torturous.
  • 22:54:31: Today is one of those days I bless the powers that be or pure chance or whatever that we couldn’t get pregnant. SO GLAD! Phew!

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