• 13:57:10: It seems like maybe I need to get new phones that won’t interfere with our wifi. Not mobile phones, but regular cordless for phone sex.
  • 15:10:40: 12seconds is shutting down? Wow. Really fucking glad I didn’t invest any time on that site (except watching, which was cool while lasted).
  • 15:53:33: Did you know that I naturally have Grandpa Munster eyebrows? I do! Total French-Irish dumpling jack-o-lantern wedges!
  • 18:22:13: Just spent a long-ass time writing what I *hope* was a supportive and helpful email to my mom. I know I should call but I just. CAN’T.
  • 18:25:17: More stimulating news: finally making some headway in getting new porn vid uploaded; kept getting disconnected/starting over from scratch.
  • 20:36:24: Dear ebay: could you let me fucking search for gloves by SIZE please? OMG, the rich do squander resources.
  • 20:37:22: I know, I know . . . that sounded hilariously un-self-aware.

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