• 00:52:25: Okay, TastyTrixie.com members . . . I just posted a new vlog for you. Going to wash off my makeup & watch True Blood w/@DeliaTS.
  • 08:54:05: I’m so happy we’re going to spend a few days with our 4-year old nephew! (That means most of our cams will be down while he’s here, though).
  • 13:08:44: I know I should just laugh at old Billy Idol videos now, but the truth is they still really turn me on. A LOT.
  • 13:09:08: When I was a youth I thought this “Sugar Free” song was SUPER DUPER COOL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6Kiq_9Apds
  • 13:55:56: Any recs for best recordings of Night Train? The jazz/swing standard, not the GNR song (good, but not what I’m after).
  • 14:04:51: Also: any jazz fans out there have excellent vibraphone recordings I should have? Like, essentials (preferably w/sexy tempos included).

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