• 09:59:26: Had a nice morning chat on the phone with @amberlily as she tested cool cam show features that we might try too.
  • 11:27:57: Getting ready to take our nephew to a movie. Really looking forward to it!
  • 11:30:14: Ooh, check out @DeliaTS *video* sampler + more: http://deliats.com/Newsletter/September10/index.html (vid quality is better for members).
  • 11:37:12: I loathe it when people cannot interpret and apply rules in a common sense manner in the spirit of why the rule was made in the first place.
  • 16:33:12: I think we enjoyed Legend of the Guardians / Owls way more than our nephew did. Very beautifuly detailed.
  • 18:56:53: I get really sick of men who write for porn industry blogs, magazines, etc. thinking they’re journalists when they’re just fucking morons.
  • 19:14:05: Having a nephew over who will ONLY eat carbs and cheese is wreaking havoc on my decision to abstain from those things.

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