• 12:41:45: Been meal-planning, grocery-shopping, etc. trying to take care of all that business. Going to have some lunch now. I know, exciting, eh?
  • 16:30:53: Had a bonding, lovey-dovey, romantic walk in the woods. You wouldn’t believe how many mushrooms there were & different kinds!
  • 17:22:55: Watering plants & cutting fingernails while @DeliaTS plays guitar. Sometimes this is all I want & more of: simple things, slowly.
  • 17:34:36: Yay! Look at all the good food: http://stuffsexworkerseat.tumblr.com – I am really fond of this new blog.
  • 17:40:34: @furrygirl I want to! Except my phone is full so can’t take pics til I dl old ones & erase. And I’m embarrassed about the crap I eat.
  • 18:42:53: I’m glad these haggard-ass camwhores lie about their ages; it makes me look like I’m drinking from the piss-slit of the fountain of youth.
  • 18:44:58: Sorry, I know that’s a catty thing to say. I’ll lie about my age too if I think it will make me more money. But I think I do fine at 37.
  • 18:52:02: Man, I’m sorry I said that. It was a shitty thing to say. I’ve even ADVISED other webwhores to say they’re younger than they are.
  • 19:36:44: http://huff.to/djHOtY Huffpost – Prostitution “Experts” Versus Prostitutes: Why Don’t All Sex Workers Deserve a Voice?

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