• 00:29:07: Tis the season of very very big spiders in the house.
  • 08:35:26: Sorry for this tax blogging after reading me tweet about it for days: http://www.tastytrixie.com/accomplishments/taxing/
  • 12:50:57: What’s this? I’ve gotten a package from a Mr. E. Shrdlu! Going to open it now . . .
  • 12:52:43: And with real stamps on it! And super duper goodies inside, including a custom cd cover for a mix that totally made me LOL!
  • 12:56:11: Oh my, and an offer to replace my ragged office chair . . . that is beyond BEYOND thoughtful along with all the other sentiments. Kisskiss!
  • 16:35:50: When someone in town is doing hour-long massages for only 35 fucking bucks, I *have* to take advantage. My body needed that SO BADLY!!
  • 19:57:25: Thanks for reminders of how much I love music, Mr. Shrdlu (my personalized night train mix) & @heartsofspace (B. Cockburn h. winds w. skies)
  • 20:02:39: I want to learn to play the dulcimer. Once upon a time when I was little I had a zither. It was really fucking cool. I like Jesus songs btw.
  • 20:43:29: My brain is incapable of concentrating on anything except watching deer shadows cross the yard under the half-moon light.

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