• 10:13:12: Sometimes just setting my “area” down on the corner of the hard wooden dining table and rubbing really feels good.
  • 17:49:50: 5 of 5 stars to The Book Thief by Markus Zusak http://bit.ly/crnr8H
  • 17:55:08: @LondonInAustin Cool! Are you on http://goodreads.com ? I am always pestering folks to get on there; I’d love to see what else you read.
  • 20:14:42: Just spent over an hour doing something I thought would be fun & creative, but just wound up being time-consuming & too stupid for words.
  • 20:19:38: I should probably mention it was a webwhore/work thing, so might have been productive if I’d actually been successful. I WANT POTATO CHIPS!
  • 21:22:19: I’m pretty much just counting down the hours until I can go get my vitamin b shot tomorrow. Let it go FAR too long. Again. Suffering 4 it.

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